You don't have to face it alone

OPCSG was established in 2011 on the initiative of the Urology surgical and nursing staff at the Churchill Hospital. Close links with the clinicians are an essential part of our structure, the clinicians play an active part in our organisation, always ensuring that patient confidentiality is maintained.

The OPCSG organisation is:

Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer

Management Committee: The Committee, comprising the Officers, co-opted members and Nurses from the Clinic. They meet as necessary, any business matters and to plan forthcoming programmes of meetings and events.

‘Open’ or Members' Meetings: Members' meetings are held six to seven times annually on dates decided by the Management Committee. The Annual General Meeting is to be held in March or April, when the Officers are elected for the forthcoming year. Meetings, which are publicised and open to the general public, are sometimes addressed by a guest speaker on topics of interest and relevance, or are purely Social events.  These Social meetings are  to give members the opportunity to get to know each other and talk about whatever they please. Recent topics have included:

  • The importance of diet and exercise / New developments in prostate cancer treatments / Sexual wellbeing for prostate cancer patients / Prostate cancer research / Prostate cancer survivor's 500 mile charity walk / Medical Detection Dogs / Summer river cruise / Presentations and question and answer sessions by prostate cancer professionals from the Churchill Hospital.

The OPCSG intend to be active participants in the National Prostate Cancer Awareness week, organised annually by  Prostate Cancer UK in March.  It also intends to provide information stands in the principal shopping areas in the region, and take stands at local events to promote awareness of the disease. In order to increase public awareness of prostate cancer and its services, OPCSG can provide guest speakers to men’s and women’s clubs (e.g. Rotary) and to medical practitioners study days. If you would be interested in a presentation for your organisation please contact the Chairman.


What do we do:

  • We talk to individuals and members of their families who would like to know more about what it is like to live with Prostate Cancer.

  • We hold a number of meetings per year at Oxford Golf Club (formerly Southfield Golf Club) and other venues, where we invite Specialists to talk to us about a wide range of Prostate Cancer issues. We also arrange a number of ‘Social Events’ such as Quiz Nights and Skittles evenings

  • We give talks to a wide range of local groups about our personal experiences of Prostate Cancer and about our work.

  • We publicise our activities by means of posters and leaflets in various locations in our area, and also have recently have been on local radio, in the local press and national TV.