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Support for prostate cancer patients and their families across Oxfordshire

If you or someone close to you has been affected by prostate cancer, we can offer:

  • One-to-one meetings with a member who has relevant experience;

  • Group meetings for everyone, both in-person and on-line;

  • Separate private meetings for patients and partners to share worries and successes;

  • Social events, such as river cruises and skittles;

  • A newsletter with updates about upcoming events (hosted by OPCSG and others);

  • Talks from experts, including representatives of:

    • The Urology Department at Oxford University Hospital Trust,

    • Prostate Cancer UK,

    • Maggies,

    • Prostate Cancer Research,

    • Clinical Trials and Studies.

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for the

Photo courtesy of Prostate UK

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for Wives

We offer the opportunity to connect with others who have been in a similar situation, to listen and share their own relevant experience of treatment and living with, and beyond, prostate cancer.

Risk Checker

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer. If you’re over 50, or you’re black, or your dad or brother had it, you’re at even higher risk.


Prostate cancer is not always life-threatening. But when it is, the earlier you catch it the more likely it is to be cured.

Answer three quick questions to check your risk.

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