Thank yous

Once again the Carol Crawl group in the Handboroughs has been in action supporting OPCSG.  Their message reads: “I am delighted to be able to tell you that with the amount collected on the night (£212.78 and €5.05, entered as £4.30 equivalent), plus subsequent donations from regulars unable to attend in person, a grand total of £300 was today transferred to the Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group to help them in their work in the coming year.

Thank you to everyone for their contribution, help and general goodwill! This was certainly a wonderful way to remember our much missed and much loved friend Bruce.

Merry Christmas to one and all, and warmest wishes for a Happy New Year.”

This is the second year that the tuneful group has donated to OPCSG, and we are extremely grateful for their support.

Big thanks to the staff and regulars at the Ampleforth Arms in Risinghurst, who decided to donate £455 raised at an Aunt Sally event to OPCSG.  Seen here is OPCSG Treasurer Dave Hawes receiving the cheque, accompanied by our President Dave Beesley.  Local support for a local charity – much appreciated.

Through the good offices of OPCSG member Mike Breakell, on 21 December a well-established group of carollers in and around the Handboroughs, known as the Carol Crawl group, raised £251.87 for OPCSG with what their leader describes as their 'sonorous efforts'.  It's good to know that traditional carol singing is alive and well, and we are most grateful to this group for their efforts on behalf of prostate cancer patients whom we support.

OPCSG member Ian Van Maanen writes: “I am a member of the Abingdon Duplicate Bridge Club which each year organises a special Xmas event with a raffle. The proceeds of the raffle are donated to a charity of the members' choice, and I nominated OPCSG. The cause proved to be very popular, as a result the club collected about £130 for OPCSG.”  Thank you, bridge players.

The recent Mayor of Witney, Cllr Chris Woodward, sent us a cheque for £140 as a result of charitable work during his year on office.  Thank you Mr Mayor!

And Jason Hydraulics of Witney, whose boss is our long-standing member Fred Edwards, had a Christmas collection among their staff, resulting in a cheque for £112.72.  It’s not the first time that this company’s staff have supported OPCSG – many thanks to all of them.


OPCSG member and supporter David Gibbard and his wife, from Banbury, celebrated 50 years of marriage in August.  They asked their family and friends for donations to mark the occasion, rather than presents to them.  As a result OPCSG received a handsome cheque for £600.  Many thanks to David, his family and all who contributed to this magnificent donation.

Immunocore is based at Milton Park and is an immunotherapy company tackling cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases with its technology.  They recently held a summer party and raised £534.25 in a raffle, which they have generously donated to OPCSG.  We are tremendously grateful for this unforeseen support, which will be used for our awareness campaigns.  Local support for a local charity - thank you!


At a lively group meeting on 23 April, held as usual at Oxford Golf Club, OPCSG Chairman John Grundy received a cheque for £750 from the Master of Alfred Lodge of Oxfordshire Masons, accompanied by Tom Edwards.  We are extremely grateful for this continued generous support offered.


The members of Blackbird Leys Bowls Club support a different charity each year.  This year they raised an amazing £1400 for OPCSG, spurred on by cases of prostate cancer among their members.  It wasn't just a case of shake a bucket: the members organised a whole range of events, some of them by all accounts 'painful to perform'.  Club members James Baldwin and Doug Howell presented this generous cheque to OPCSG Chairman John Grundy at The Fox Inn, the photo taken by David Buckwell who had initiated the contact with OPCSG.  Tremendous thanks to all at Blackbird Leys Bowls Club!

Every year North Oxford Golf Club hold a charitable event day involving golf, a good meal and a lot of fun.  The organiser Paul Baker deserves tremendous thanks from OPCSG for his efforts this year: with a mixture of humour and good-natured threats he cajoled more and more money out of the members who played on the day (30 September 2017).  The result was a magnificent cheque for £950.  In the photo OPCSG Chairman John Grundy is seen collecting the cheque from Paul and North Oxford captain Dave Titcombe.  We are very grateful for the Club’s support.

The organisers of Wallingford Vintage Car Rally on 6 May not only allowed OPCSG to have a stand to spread awareness of prostate cancer, but also donated £300 from their own funds to support OPCSG.  Thank you very much.  Our team had a great day out, too.

At a meeting of Witney Rotary Club on Monday 26 June the outgoing President Steve Holborough handed over a most generous cheque for £2608 to OPCSG Chairman John Grundy.  This represented the tremendous fundraising effort that Steve had initiated during his year in office as President.  John expressed the heartfelt thanks of OPCSG to the Rotarians who had worked hard to make this donation possible, and told them that their financial support helped OPCSG to concentrate on its core tasks of supporting men and their families who experience prostate cancer, and spreading awareness of the disease.  Thank you Rotary!

At the group meeting on 23 January OPCSG member Roger Clarke made a spontaneous and generous donation of £200 to the group.  He said it was an acknowledgement of the support and advice he had received from the group at the time of his diagnosis last year.  Thank you, Roger.

Once again Bernard de Petrucci and his team at the Lord Kitchener, Curbridge, have stepped forward to support OPCSG.  At an entertaining quiz evening organised by Witney Rotary Club at the pub on 16 August, a raffle fetched £242 which Bernard has donated to OPCSG funds.  In the quiz the OPCSG team led through four rounds but slipped up on trivia (we are a serious-minded lot!) and ended in a respectable third place.  Thank you Bernard and Witney Rotary.

The photo shows OPCSG Committee member Dave Hawes receiving a cheque for £700 from Bob Greenwell, Past Master of Alfred Lodge, and David Wright, current Master of the Lodge.  The cheque was handed over at Witney Carnival on 9 July, and we are extremely grateful for the support offered.

You can see the Lodge's website at, with a link back to this one.

Once again the Sportsmen’s Dinner has been extremely generous in raising money for OPCSG.  The photo shows President Dave Beesley receiving a cheque for £990 from ex England rugby star David Duckham at the dinner, which David made up to a round £1000 out of his own pocket.

On 12 June 2016 the landlord of the Lord Kitchener pub in Curbridge, Bernard, held a Queen’s Birthday Carnival and invited OPCSG to come along, talk to people, and benefit from the proceeds of the day.  The event raised £241 and we are most grateful to Bernard and all at the Lord Kitchener for their support.  The photo shows Chairman John Grundy receiving £241 from landlord Bernard de Petrucci under the watchful eye of Steve Holborough, President of Witney Rotary Club who has adopted OPCSG as his charity of the year.

OPCSG ran an information stand at the Wallingford Vehicle Rally and Parade on 8 May and spoke to many men about prostate cancer.  A month later the organisers handed over a cheque for £150 to committee members Jean and Dave Hawes.  Thank you Wallingford.

Thank you to an anonymous gentleman who handed over to a Thomas Cook travellers cheque for £100 at a recent OPCSG event.  With help from Thomas Cook we have been able to place the money to the credit of our account.  We have no idea who this gentleman was.

We are grateful to the family and friends of the late Peter Collett, a member of OPCSG, for donations totalling £275 in his memory.

OPCSG member Mike Breakell organised a talk in Finstock Village Hall on 22 April, when traveller and writer John Pilkington spoke fascinatingly about his travels in eastern Europe and the lands bordering Russia.  Mike generously arranged for the proceeds of the evening to be split between OPCSG and PCUK.  Each charity received £180.  Thank you Mike!

Very sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Cavey of Rose Hill, Oxford.  When they celebrated their Golden Wedding in February 2016 they invited their family and friends to donate to OPCSG because Mrs Cavey's brother had had prostate cancer for 15 years.  Mrs Cavey recently handed over cheques and cash totalling £130 to OPCSG Chairman John Grundy, who gave her a letter of thanks on behalf of the group.

The staff at Jason Hydraulics, Witney, have sent a most generous contribution of £276 to OPCSG as a result of their activities for Movember, a carvery lunch for staff and the sale of apples from a local garden.  This is the second time that they have supported OPCSG and we are very grateful for the gesture and the trouble they have taken.  Many thanks to Sarah Edwards and her colleagues.

Our bank has confirmed that OPCSG received an anonymous donation in cash paid into a bank at Carfax in central Oxford for the credit of our account.  The donation of £263 was made in September and we have not been able to trace the generous donor.  Probably the donor prefers to remain anonymous.  We are very grateful and if we can’t thank him or her in person, we hope they may read this and accept our thanks.

Entering into the spirit of Movember, Simon Taylor grew a moustache in November – and then got himself sponsored to have it shaved off.  Simon had no previous connection with OPCSG but generously decided to donate the funds raised to the group as the leading local prostate cancer charity.  His cheque for £250 is gratefully received – as are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos which he sent us.  Thank you very much Simon.

Worldwide event comes to Marston: the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride brings bikers dressed to the nines out on parade in cities throughout the world in support of PCa awareness. The Oxford branch ended their ride on 27 September at the Victoria Arms in Marston.  OPCSG is very grateful to landlord Lee Goodchild, his staff and to the organisers of DGR for allowing us to have an information stand at the pub.  The pub raffle, a beer sale and donations made on the day raised £300.  Meanwhile the OPCSG Chairman was working in Turin where quite fortuitously he witnessed about 500 Italian bikers supporting the cause of prostate cancer awareness as they rode though the city.  Truly international!

The National Citizenship Service (NCS) is a way for 15 to 17 year olds living in England and Northern Ireland to make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories.  The West Oxfordshire Branch recently donated £263 to OPCSG, for which we are most grateful.  How did that come about?  One of the young participants knew that his grandfather had had prostate cancer, and he persuaded his fellow participants to choose OPCSG as one of the local charities to support in their fundraising efforts.  Much appreciated!

Jason Hydraulics of Witney held a cake sale in February 2015 and donated the profit of £55.70 to OPCSG.  Many thanks to Sarah Edwards and her colleagues.

Customers at Waitrose in Wantage have followed the example of those in Witney and Thame by voting a substantial sum to OPCSG in the Community Matters scheme.

Community Matters is the scheme whereby Waitrose generously offer £1000 and allow their customers to vote for a month between three nominated charities.  OPCSG received 36% of the votes cast in Wantage, another example of our impact in the community.

Our thanks go to Waitrose and their supportive customers.

OPCSG member Basil Wales organised donations for the group around the celebration of his 80th. birthday.  He has sent us a cheque for £120.46.  Thank you Basil – and Happy Birthday!

OPCSG member Gerry Tucker had the idea of keeping a dedicated collecting box at home for a year.  He has just returned it with a total of £72.40 collected - as simple as that.  Thank you very much, Gerry!

During September Gary Rees and his friends walked a 15 mile route in the Peak District (which seems to have taken in a refreshing number of pubs on the way) and raised £155 as they went, which they have generously donated to OPCSG.  Thank you all!

Many thanks to the anonymous group member who accepted the 'ice bucket challenge' and donated the proceeds of £20 to OPCSG.  Because he made the donation via our MY Donate page he was able to add £5 Gift Aid to his donation.

Customers at Waitrose in Witney have followed the example of those in Thame by voting a substantial sum to OPCSG in the Community Matters scheme.

Community Matters is the scheme whereby Waitrose generously offer £1000 and allow their customers to vote for a month between three nominated charities.  OPCSG received 46% of the votes cast, another example of our impact in the community.

OPCSG committee member Gwilym Mason is seen collecting the cheque for £460  from the Duty Manager at Waitrose Witney.

OPCSG has just received this message (5 April) from Waitrose in Thame:  “We are pleased to let you know that Community Matters raised £580, which was one of the most popular charities we have ever had!” 

Community Matters is the scheme whereby Waitrose generously offer £1000 and allow their customers to vote for a month between three nominated charities.  OPCSG received 58% of the votes cast, another example of our impact in the community.

OPCSG Chairman Dave Beesley is seen collecting the cheque from the Duty Manager at Waitrose Thame.

Many thanks to Roger Baker for his generous donation towards the setting-up of the new Banbury sub-group.

At a November pre-Christmas event featuring sales of creative work at the Blue Boar Hotel in Witney more than £730 was raised and donated to OPCSG funds.  The photo shows OPCSG Chairman Dave Beesley (centre left) and Chris Clinkard (right) reaching in to the lucky dip.

Many thanks to OPCSG member Peter Stowe, who presented a cheque to the group for the money raised by his Movember moustache.  Funny that none of us spotted Peter in November when he was sporting the bristles!  But well done and thanks.

OPCSG are £224 richer after they gave John Grundy a cheque for the charity from proceeds they collect from Abacus Breakfast networking groups during the month of september.

The picture shows Holly handing over £50 from a collection they did at her Dads (Mick's Funeral who passed away through Prostate Cancer) that Dave attended 2 weeks ago.

Debbie also wants to remain a member of the group and help out at future events and fund raising.

During 2013 OPCSG received donations and support from the following, which we acknowledge with grateful thanks:

Newbury Street Practice, Wantage
Southern Sporting Clubs
Collection at the funeral of Judie Edwards
Eynsham Hall
CSMA Abingdon Group
P. Kendall
W. Bourton
Cassington School
Don Barker
CSMA North London Group
Oxford Round Table Fireworks
Lloyds Bank Community Fund
G. Tucker
Anne Veck Limited, Oxford
Outis Clinic, Abingdon