Clinical Research in Oxford and beyond

23 May 2022 - 7:00pm
Oxford Golf Club and Online

Richard Bryant and Alastair Lamb will provide an update on the TRANSLATE Trial and introduce us to some other projects they are working on.

Our special guest is Claudia Mercader, a clinical fellow from Barcelona.

Claudia will tell us why she left the beautiful Catalonia to do a urology fellowship in Oxford.

With the introduction of LTN’s (Low Traffic Neighbourhood’s) in the immediate local area to the Golf Club, you may need to change your route to the club.
  • If you are driving via Cowley Road, you will no longer be able to travel up Southfield Road or Divinity Road to get to the club.
  • The roads between Iffley Road and Cowley Road will also have LTN’s installed meaning access through is no longer possible (red arrows).
  • Those who travel in via Donnington Bridge Road, will have to turn left onto Iffley Road to The Plain, take the 2nd exit up St Clements, before turning right onto Morrell Avenue. The green arrows indicate the route in for those not familiar with the road names.
  • Anyone travelling in from Headington or The Slade can use the usual route in. We are unsure what the traffic will be like when the LTN’s are installed so we suggest you should allow extra time for your journey.

Click here to see the map showing alternative routes.

We look forward to seeing you all either in person, or online.

The Zoom link has been emailed to OPCSG members.  If you have not received it, please email

Claudia Mercader
Claudia exploring Cheddar Gorge
LTN routes in May 2022