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About us

Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group was established in 2011 on the initiative of the Urology surgical and nursing staff at the Churchill Hospital. Who encouraged the founder members to establish the group.


Close links with the clinicians are an essential part of our structure, the clinicians play an active part in our organisation, always ensuring that patient confidentiality is maintained.

What we do:

Activities include:

  • Talking to individuals and members of their families who would like to know more about what it is like to live with Prostate Cancer.

  • Holding regular face to face and hybrid meetings at Oxford Golf Club (Hill Top Rd, Oxford OX4 1PF) where we invite specialists to talk to us about a wide range issues related to Prostate Cancer. We also hold many social events including bi-monthly walks, an annual River Cruise and a Skittles evening.

  • Giving awareness talks to other groups/organisations and share our own experiences of prostate cancer.

  • Bringing awareness stands to local events.

  • Linking with other Prostate Cancer support groups nationally

Our group meetings offer a safe space where we can discuss the physical and emotional impact of prostate cancer and its various treatments. We also offer 1:1 support and the opportunity to speak to those with experience of different treatments if you are trying to make their own treatment decision. Whilst we do not offer medical advice, we will try to match you with someone who has experience of  treatment/s you are potentially considering.  This support is available to everyone affected by prostate cancer, including partners and family members.

Meet the Committee

Meet our dedicated volunteers at OPCSG, who generously offer their time:

Keith Jenkins


Keith Jenkins has been a member of OPCSG since 2020, when he started hormone treatment and successful radiotherapy, and Secretary since 2021.  He was a Solicitor mainly in local government until, in 1981, he became head of the British Council of Churches Community and Race Relations Unit.  Subsequently he held other posts in the Ecumenical Movement before retiring in 2002 as Associate General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches.

Sanjiv Kanwar

Vice Chair: 

Sanjiv Kanwar is a member of the OPCSG Committee and underwent a successful RARP in early 2022 having been asymptomatic . He is a non-practising haematologist and has been active for over 35 years globally in international clinical research including working with a wide range of regional and national patient advocacy / support groups and remains an advisor to medical, healthcare, clinical device companies.

Dave Hawes


Dave Hawes lives with his wife Jean in Wallingford.  He retired from UKAEA Harwell in 2015. He joined the group in 2011 following his prostate cancer diagnosis and subsequent robotic prostatectomy. Following long periods of incontinence he had an A.M.I. Atoms System sling fitted in 2016 which transformed his life. He is now twelve years on and his PSA is still undetectable.

Caroline Prance

Secretary and Partner Support Co-Ordinator: 

Caroline Prance has been a member of OPCSG since 2018 when her partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Caroline is a retired general/psychiatric nurse and passionate about raising awareness of need for Partner support for a condition often referred to as a 'couple's condition'. Support for partners can remove feelings of isolation and distress through sharing and companionship of other partners who have the lived experience and understanding.

Dafydd Charles

Committee Member: 

Dafydd Charles retired from his career in radiation and nuclear safety in 2017. He had no symptoms but in 2018 was diagnosed with an aggressive disease that had metastasised throughout his pelvic lymph system. He elected to have robotic surgery, followed by hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radical pelvic radiotherapy.  He has been disease free since. He believes a pro-active approach to keeping healthy and well during and after treatment can make a real difference to outcomes. He joined the OPCSG Committee in 2019.

Paul Cowell

Committee Member: 

Paul Cowell has spent his life working in healthcare, in the NHS, 11 years in Saudi Arabia working in a hospital and later in a US company specialising in Blood Diagnostics testing - they launched the first automated PSA test. He then worked for a number of UK Medical Companies, in Sales and then Service. His final role was Director of Service for Western Europe. His Prostate journey started in 2017, taking the decision to remove my Prostate in 2019. OPCSG was a key resource in the whole process. Our challenge is to have a more standardised process in GP's / NHS and for men to not fear early testing.

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