OPCSG Oxford Bus Company bus on the road at last!

November 2018

Wednesday 7 November at 10.00: The long awaited OPCSG bus has just been spotted on the road for the first time. We are so grateful to Oxford Bus Company for this opportunity to spread the word - Get Checked! Tomorrow there will be an official photoshoot and 'launch' at the company's depot - more photos to follow.

Thursday: At long last!  After a year of collaboration and negotiation with Oxford Bus Company, whose generosity has made this venture possible, the OPCSG bus has hit the streets.  At a photoshoot and launch on 8 November the bus was officially launched on to the road.  In the photo l to r: Margaret Beesley, Jean Hawes, John Fowler (OPCSG), Andy Morison (OBC), Dave Beesley (President, OPCSG), Grahame Wareham, John Grundy (Chairman, OPCSG), Luke Marion (Director, OBC), Dave Hawes (Treasurer, OPCSG).  Special thanks to Grahame Wareham, retired OBC employee, who had the initial idea and put us in touch with the company.  Carrying OPCSG’s core message (Get Checked!) and details of the group, the bus’s distinctive white colour will be seen throughout city and county for three years.  Not being colour coded to one specific route, the bus can run anywhere on OBC’s network, so we are hoping for maximum exposure.  Keep an eye out, and tell your friends to do the same.  Please send me reports of sightings, with a photo if you can.  We will be interested to see whereabouts it crops up in service.  It has already been seen between Oxford and Abingdon.  And of course we hope that it will spur on more men to talk to their GP and get checked.