John Goldsmith

I saw my father suffer with the side effects of Prostate Cancer diagnosed in his early 80’s and he died at the age of 86 without having any treatment.

Being made aware of Prostate Cancer I decided to ask questions and found that I could have a simple blood test to detect the level of (PSA) in the blood stream. Only by persistence did I get offered a test on a visit to the Churchill Hospital Urology department in 2004 by a consultant on a follow up for a Hernia repair. Over the next 18 months my PSA was monitored and rose steadily, consequently requiring me to have a biopsy that proved positive and I had my prostate removed in 2006.. When diagnosed with cancer I was fortunate to be able to contact a friend who had his prostate removed 2 years earlier. After talking to him my mind was put at rest to go forward and have my prostate surgically removed.

I am now passionate about making men in their 50’s – 60’s aware that a simple blood test can detect early symptoms of prostate cancer that can be treated and give support to my fellow sufferers of this disease as a member of this group.