Friday, 1 February

March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and there are several events to promote this. One of these (although it is in February) being arranged by Cancer Research, is a series of talks by clinicians carrying out research into prostate cancer. This is on Thursday 21st Feb at the Churchill Hospital:

"Talking About Prostate Cancer:
An evening of local research, treatment and support"
Thursday, 21st February at 7pm

We are all invited to attend a meeting being held at the Churchill Hospital, in the Richard Doll Building, Old Campus Road, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7DQ on Thursday 21st February at 7pm. (It is the large green building near the Dermatology Department).

The event is titled 'Talking about prostate cancer: An evening of local research, treatment and support'. The evening is designed to give an overview of prostate cancer research, told through the clinicians and researchers who carry out this work. THIS EVENT IS NOT TO BE MISSED:

Topics on the agenda include:
Clinical Trials
The Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist
High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU)
If you wish to attend, please contact me to register your name, on 01235 763486 or by email at: Apologies for the short notice, but an early reply will be very much appreciated.

Annual General Meeting

Monday 11th March at The Oxford Golf Club

Our next meeting on Monday 11th March, at the usual venue, is our Annual General Meeting. Those three words are usually sufficient to put many people off from attending. Don't worry, there are nominations for all of the committee places, but any further applications will be included. There will be reports from the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary followed by the usual formalities including any submitted questions. We had arranged for two specialists to talk about physiotherapy for prostate cancer patients, but this has had to be postponed.

This talk has been replaced with a Quiz Event - if you have not been to one of these before, there is nothing to fear! It is a team event (5 or 6 in a team) and is very much a fun event rather that a test of intellect!

If you have any suggestions for topics, speakers, social events for future meetings, please let us know. It is your group and we anxious to meet your requests and suggestions.

January Meeting Report

The meeting on 30th January, when Mr Brewster and Rose Southby answered questions put to them by the members, was a great success. Most aspects of prostate cancer both now and in the future were covered. There was a splendid turnout, with 81 people attending. One suggestion was that we should consider forming a 'sub-branch' for members in the Banbury area. If you are from the Banbury area and would support such a move, please let me know.

George Goldsmith
Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group