Charlotte Minett

I am a Senior Uro-Oncology Specialist Nurse and I am the prostate lead for the team.

I started in the team in June 2020. I was previously an Acute Oncology Specialist Nurse, mainly dealing with cancer treatment complications and medical emergencies. I also have experience as a Lung Cancer Specialist nurse seeing patients from diagnosis to the end of life. I was involved in setting up a two week wait prostate cancer service in a previous NHS Trust. Therefore, my experience to date is mainly oncology rather than urology.

Our nursing teams are central to the delivery of excellent care to prostate patients attending The Churchill Hospital. Our team delivers a holistic approach to gentleman using the latest technologies to support individualised assessments and care planning. The service delivers evidence based care to patients throughout their cancer journey. We work closely with other members of the specialist nursing teams, the wider multi disciplinary team and cancer services, providing a service across care boundaries in liaison with primary and palliative care.

At diagnosis of prostate cancer, we inform gentleman of the support groups available, in particular the Oxford Prostate Cancer Support Group. This is a group offered to gentleman who are diagnosed with prostate cancer to have the opportunity to share their journey and experiences with others who are perhaps starting out their prostate cancer journey or who are currently on treatment or who have had surgery and would like to share their experience of it.  Again at diagnosis we also inform gentleman that there is a partners group, which allows wives or partners to share their concerns or worries with other partners in a supportive environment. We often find that wives or partners of gentleman diagnosed with prostate cancer have a lot more questions to ask than the gentleman themselves. It is really important that we inform wives or partners  of the partners group as having a diagnosis of prostate cancer not only affects the gentleman himself, but it can have an effect on the physical side of a relationship as well. It is important we give partners an opportunity to have safe environment in which they can express their worries and fears.

At diagnosis we also inform gentleman of the Prostate Cancer UK website and  the support the Maggie’s centre at The Churchill offers.

Due to COVID our team released the Prostatectomy School Video. This was set up by Mr Alastair Lamb (Senior Fellow in Robotic Surgery & Hon Consultant Urologist) and my predecessor Julie Binnee and team.

I hope this helps to give a little insight into what our team does.

Please do contact me if you have any further questions.

01865 572374

Charlotte Minett