Monday, 1 April

Annual General Meeting 2013

The A.G.M. was attended by 25 members. Reports on the previous year's activities were given by The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and were approved. Two members of the committee had not sought re-election. The officers of the committee were re-elected en bloc: Chairman - David Beesley, Vice Chairman - John Grundy, Hon. Treasurer - John Goldsmith, Hon Secretary - George Goldsmith, Committee member - Bob Butler.
As the group expands its activities, the need for more members to get involved on the Committee is urgent. If you are interested, let me know and you may wish to come to the next committee meeting to find out more.

Proposed Banbury Group

There has been discussion regarding the possible formation of a 'sub-group' for Banbury and North of the County. We have kindly been offered accommodation to hold meetings in Banbury. If you would be interested in joining such a group, please let me know and we can, hopefully, move things forward.
Group Meeting Monday 22nd April
This will be held as usual at The Oxford Golf Club, meet at 6.30 for a 7.00pm start. There will be a talk as detailed below, followed by the usual tea and biscuits and general discussion.
Neale Conner, Occupational Therapy Team Leader, and Anna McMullen, Physiotherapy Team Leader in Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care at the Sobell House Hospice, Churchill Hospital, will speak about the project for which they have recently received three years of funding. The Project is to place an OT and Physiotherapist into the prostate cancer Outpatient Clinic to see patients and offer follow up at home or in the local community and to offer sign posting (as appropriate) to maximise the function of patients, their independence, quality of life, engagement in exercise, activity and prevent admission to hospital. The team is funded for a 3 year project and will start with the prostate clinic and once that is established they will offer a service to a second cancer group.
OPCSG Website

John Grundy, Dave Riley and Sarah Butler have been hard at work up-dating our web-site. There is much information about the group including dates of future meetings and links to YouTube which include several videos. These include Dave's Journey (The Radiotherapy procedure) and film of our meeting when Simon Brewster and Rose answered questions from the floor.
Visit our website at:

George Goldsmith
Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group