Witney Rotary/The Lord Kitchener/WBIC donate funds

May 2017

OPCSG continues to benefit from the activities of Witney Rotary Club and its associates.  On top of the recent Race Night (over £1000 raised), Rotary held a coffee morning which raised £232.  The Lord Kitchener pub in Curbridge (through landlord Bernard de Petrucci) has been collaborating with Witney Business and Innovation Centre (WBIC).  They organise a tuck shop for their occupants, selling snacks at slightly above cost and donating the proceeds to charity, OPCSG in this case.  Cookie sales have already generated £110, and baking continues.  The Lord Kitchener also held a Call My Wine Bluff evening which raised £60.  We are enormously grateful to Witney Rotary, the Lord Kitchener, and WBIC for their support.